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By making a one-time donation to the Trent Fund, you are empowering students through a powerful and flexible fund that can help them with various needs including emergency housing, scholarships and on-campus employment. Trent Fund donations are fluid, meaning we can direct funds to emerging and unpredictable needs such as the pandemic and supporting Ukrainian students during the conflict. Thanks to you, the next generation of Trent students will get the support they need and when they need it. Like to take the next step and be a monthly Trent Fund Club member (click here), or continue to make your generous one-time gift below

Please help us reduce our processing fees today by making your donation via eTransfer, its easy. Simply go to our eTransfer page tell us what you would like to support and we will provide instruction.

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For more information please contact :

Trent University Donations Office
Phone: (705)-748-1601

Canadian Charitable Registration # 119268928-RR0001

Our goal is a sustainable philanthropic program accountable to our donors. To help achieve this, 5% of donations to expendable funds are used to partially offset the costs of receipting, administering, tracking and distributing funds. Thank you for your support.