Leaving your Legacy at Trent University

What is a legacy? It’s about linking generations, leaving your mark after you’ve gone, and honouring the things you feel are most important. It’s not only about paying it back but about paying it forward. Legacy is all about merging the past, present and future.

“A university is a growing, living legacy– and it

needs all kinds of support.”

-Professor THB Symons

Founding President, Trent University

As an alumni, faculty, staff, student or friend – a person whose life has been transformed by their experience here and who believes strongly in the power of education – your personal legacy is inextricably tied to the legacy of Trent University. We all share a common goal – to enable Trent to continue inspiring and educating students for generations to come.

Leaving your legacy at Trent University through your estate or through a gift of life insurance is a way to transform your dream into reality. Other like minded individuals are creating their legacies at Trent. We invite you to join us and explore what your legacy at Trent can be.

If you have included Trent University in your estate plans, please let us know so that we have the opportunity to thank you. We also want to make sure that we understand the intentions of your gift to ensure it succeeds in doing as you wish. Any information exchanged will be held in the strictest of confidence.

To learn more about ways to create your legacy at Trent University, please contact Donna Doherty, Senior Development Officer at donnadoherty@trentu.ca or 705.748.1011 ext 7208.

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