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As a Trent University alumni or retiree, you have life-long access to myTrent through your myCommunity Account. This account allows you gain access to many services such as myTrent email, your records and transcripts, use of G-suite apps, library resources and more.

Alumni accounts remain active unless there is a 5-year period of inactivity. If you have used your myTrent account in the last 5 years and are having trouble logging in, it is recommended that you start by resetting your password. View instructions for resetting your password.

Alumni Login:
After logging into myTrent, you will be redirected to the myCommunity home page, to return to your myProfile page please either refresh this page once logged in or select myProfile from the drop down menu.

Retiree/Staff/Faculty login:
Once logged in to myTrent, staff and faculty can access the myCommunity home page from the Trent Portal by selecting the myCommunity icon under services > myCommunity > myCommunity icon.

If you don't have a myTrent/myCommunity login you can request a myCommunity account.