myTrent Access


You can access the following resources in the myTrent portal using your myCommunity Account. If you do not have access to your account, please request an account


Instructions for accessing specific resources can be found below.


Access myTrent Portal


You will need to apply to readmit to the university. You are able to do so at the following link by selecting the options that best suites your circumstances:


If you have any outstanding questions about the process that is not answered online, please contact the Office of the Registrar with your questions or concerns. The contact information for the Office of the Registrar can be found at:


Once you have been readmitted you can then register to take courses. You would register to take courses through your myTrent portal.

You can access your tax forms, including T2202a forms, as follows:


If you have access to myTrent, you can access your T2202a very easily.

  • Log into your MyTrent portal
  • Click the Finances Tab in the top, right corner
  • Click the Tax Forms icon
  • Login using your Trent username and password
  • Open each folder and print your eligible tax forms

Screenshot of tax icon in mytrent portal

Visit the Students Accounts Office online for full instructions, and contact information.

T4 Forms

During early spring, T4 forms will be available for student staff. They will be mailed to you no later than February 28th, 2021 as well as available under “Year End Information” on the “My Pay” tab of your VIP portal.

If you have additional questions about your student account and tax forms please email student accounts at

A transcript is a formal copy of your student academic record. It can only be issued by the Office of the Registrar. It records all courses successfully and unsuccessfully completed, and all courses that were withdrawn after the course drop deadline. All Trent University transcripts include a record of every term that you have attended and include both undergraduate and graduate studies, as applicable. To request a transcript log into the myTrent portal.


Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript is available for viewing in myTrent under Academics > Academic Record > Unofficial Transcript.  The unofficial transcript can be printed or saved as a PDF and used for a variety of purposes. Your unofficial transcript will meet the requirements of many external organizations, saving you from having to order a printed copy of your official transcript. 


Official Transcript

Your official transcript can be accessed and ordered at any time in myTrent under Academics > Forms > Transcript Request. The cost to request an official transcript is $16.00, including standard postage. Official transcripts can be used to satisfy the requirements of many institutions and professional organizations. Before ordering an official transcript you are encouraged to view your unofficial transcript.


Emailing Transcripts

Many organizations request that transcripts are emailed to their office, rather than printed and mailed. In some cases, an unofficial transcript will be sufficient; follow the instructions above for unofficial transcripts and email the pdf directly to the organization. If an official transcript is required, please follow the instructions above for official transcripts; when asked to provide an address, please include the email address of the recipient organization.


For additional information about records and transcripts:


To retrieve your myTrent username and password:


To set-up or reactivate your myTrent account, you have the following options:

  1. call 1-866-449-0072 and leave a detailed voicemail, including your return daytime phone number
  2. Email and indicate your full name and daytime phone number


One of the members of our Advancement Services team will call you back to ask some verification questions and update your record with current contact information.