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Life After Trent:  School of Business Edition

Join Trent alumni Jesse Ledger '97, chief strategy and corporate development officer, Searchlight Pharma Inc., and other experienced Trent alumni professionals as they share their individual career paths, providing insightful advice and knowledge to guide your own journey. These conversations give a direct opportunity to network and make connections with other alumni professionals from the Trent School of Business.


Harry Kitchen Lecture in Public Policy

Sluggish economic growth has long been a concern for Canada, especially in light of population aging and its costs. Lately, however, slow growth has been replaced by a new and even more alarming prospect.


David Sheperd Family Lecture Series

Trent Alumni & Senior Energy Strategist for Greenpeace Canada, Keith Stewart '86, reflects on Naming the Moment: Where Next for Canada’s Climate Movement, drawing on his 30 years of experience as a climate analyst and in climate activism, and asks where we go from here.