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Gifts of Stock

If you are considering a donation to Trent University and you own publicly listed securities - stocks, bonds, mutual fund units or shares - that have appreciated in value, you may want to consider transferring these directly to the University, rather than cashing them in to make a donation. Consult with your financial advisor today to discuss the tax benefits of giving a gift of securities!

To make a gift of securities, download the form.

Please fax the completed form to Trent University at (705) 748-1605 and also our broker CIBC Woody Gundy at (705) 742-5239. This is CIBC Wood Gundy's preferred method for security purposes.


For more information please contact :

Trent University Donations Office
Phone: (705)-748-1601

Canadian Charitable Registration # 119268928-RR0001

Our goal is a sustainable philanthropic program accountable to our donors. To help achieve this, 5% of donations to expendable funds are used to partially offset the costs of receipting, administering, tracking and distributing funds. Thank you for your support.