David Sheperd

David Sheperd Headshot

The purpose of the David Sheperd Family Lecture Series is to introduce Trent students to leading speakers on environmental global issues and significantly build on the University’s reputation for Environmental Science/Studies Centre of Knowledge. The Lecture Series will provide students, faculty and members of the Peterborough community with exceptional access to leading scholars and people engaged in policy and practical work in the field of environmental science. The goal of the donors is to use the Lectureship Series to provide a focal point for discussing the critical issues of our time.

David A. Sheperd was an American by birth and came to Peterborough in 1985 as founding President of A-L Stainless Inc. He served in the community in many areas including chair of the local United Way board and involvement at the provincial United Way level, Skills Development Programs in Peterborough and throughout Ontario, the Industrial Development Committee, and the Centre for Manufacturing Development.

The words of Jim Lovall, Commander of Apollo 13, served as an inspirational theme that guided Mr. Sheperd in the creation of the lecture series. Lovell’s comment was that “Earth is a precious and fragile place; handle with living care.” The Sheperd Family members were concerned with world-wide environmental deterioration and were enthusiastic about Trent creating the Environmental Resource Centre in the early 1990’s.

David Sheperd died in November, 2003. His family includes his wife, Joanne and daughters, Karen, Sandy, Barbara.