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myCommunity accounts remain active unless there is a 15 month period of inactivity. If you have used your myCommunity account in the last 15 months and are having trouble logging in, it is recommended that you start by resetting your password. View instructions for resetting your password.

To reactivate your myCommunity Alumni Account, or if you are still having trouble, you have the following options:
1) call 1-866-449-0072 and leave a detailed voicemail, including your return daytime phone number
2) Email and indicate your full name and daytime phone number

One of the members of our Advancement Services team will call you back to ask some verification questions and complete your account activation. Please allow two business days for a response.

Once you receive your account details you will be able to access all the myCommunity site’s features, including updating your contact information, tailoring your communication preferences, and much more.