Jack Matthews Fellowship

The Jack Matthews Fellowship is named in honour of the founding Director of the Trent International Program, who also founded Pearson United World College in British Columbia, the Canadian Canoe Museum, and was a Headmaster of Lakefield College School. Each year, a fellow is chosen who embodies the value of those institutions, and the legendary spirit of Canadian global citizenship that was Jack Matthews' vision.

On the History of the Future and the Difficulty of Extrapolating from a Point

Bill Buxton

Principal researcher, Microsoft Research


Wednesday, November 14, 2018
2:00 p.m.
Otonabee College 203

Portrait Image of Bill Buxton

In these times of seemingly rapid and unpredictable change, it is little wonder that one might question how we might prepare for what is to come. For sure there is a lot to be concerned about, but yet, there is a lot to know which one can use to guide our decisions.

In this conversation, Bill Buxton, will discuss such tools – things like The Long Nose of Innovation, which suggests that any technology that is going to have significant impact over the next five years is already fifteen or more years old (and therefore ripe for study in order to prepare). He will attempt to convince you that any technological decision is inherently an ethical one – hence hammering home the point that there is room for us all to impact and shape our future.

Ultimately, we will get the future which we allow, create and deserve. Never have such powerful resources been at our disposal. The real question is: Now that we can do anything, what should we do?

About Bill Buxton

Bill Buxton is a relentless advocate for innovation, design, and - especially - the appropriate consideration of human values, capacity, and culture in the conception, implementation, and use of new products and technologies. This is reflected in his research, teaching, talks, and writing. Outside of work, Bill loves the outdoors. He is especially passionate about mountains, including skiing, climbing, and touring. This interest extends to the written word. He has contributed to the literature on mountain history and exploration, is an avid bibliophile, and was on the jury of the 2005 Banff Mountain Book Festival. He is an avid cyclist, and active in kayaking, canoeing, SCUBA diving and windsurfing. Finally, he has a life-long fascination with art.

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