Past Lectures


Fiscal and Monetary Policy Anchors in an Era of Global Excess Saving


Speaker: David Dodge, Former Governor of the Bank of Canada


You Get What You Pay For: Funding Cities in the 21st Century


Speaker: Enid Slack, Munck School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto




Baffling Budgets and Odd Outcomes


Speaker: Bill Robson, President and CEO of the C.D. Howe Institute



Re-Imagining the Global Economic Future: Inclusive Growth as Democratizing Productivity


Speaker: Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Chief Economist, Master Card Centre for Inclusive Growth Global Economic Advisor, MasterCard Worldwide



Rising Income Inequality: Consequences, Causes and Cures


Speaker: Andrew Jackson, Broadbent Institute



Do We Care Enough? How Canada Treats Its Most Vulnerable Citizens


Speaker: Lori Curtis, Professor of Economics, University of Waterloo



Canada's Economic and Fiscal Outlook


Speaker: Michael Horgan, Deputy Minister of Finance



The Context for Reform of Fiscal Institutions and Rules in Canada: This Time is Different


Speaker: Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer



Canada's Coming Fiscal Challenges


Speaker: Robin Boadway, David Chadwick Smith Chair in Economics, Queen's University



Economics and the Environment: Are Economists Doing Their Job?


Speaker: Don Drummond, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, TD Bank Financial Group



A Policy Blueprint for the Information Age


Speaker: Thomas Courchene, Jarislowski-Deutsch Professor of Economic and Financial Policy, School of Policy Studies and Department of Economics, Queen's University