Peter Gzowski College

(The way we speak together)

Gzowski College with several students by the Gzowski firepit

Gzowski College is named after distinguished Canadian broadcaster and former Trent Chancellor, Peter Gzowski (pronounced zaw-skee). Adored by Canadians, he was most famous as someone who listened and welcomed conversation and diverse opinions. That makes it appropriate that Gzowski College is housed within Trent’s Enwayaang Building, an Anishnaabek word meaning “the way we speak together.”

Indigenous knowledge is central to our spirit and influences our programming and collaborations with departments in our collegiate community – the First Peoples House of Learning, School of Business, Departments of Economics and Mathematics, Office of Research and Innovation, and the Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies. Field trips, craft fairs and community lunches are held alongside guest lectures and workshops to support our students’ academic development, career aspirations, leadership and sense of belonging. Our Enwayaang building (affectionately called “the Big Cheese”) is known for its bright yellow colour, “Ochre Number 33.”

Listen, share, “speak” and learn with us. We move into the future speaking together. An image of a loon serves as our logo and crest, BAMM the Moose is our mascot and our students are members of our Gzowski “Bammily” (family!).

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