The Way We Give Together: Gzowski College Giving Circles

Please consider joining one of our Gzowski College Giving Circles. You will be included in the virtual donor wall (unless you’d prefer to remain anonymous), receive special college updates and be a part of our special inaugural year.

If you have spent any time with us, you know that we are flexible, adaptable, and supportive to all. Our building name, “Enwayaang,” means “the way we speak together.” Giving circles represent our opportunity to “give together” to build sustainable change through students. Students thrive in Gzowski’s inclusive atmosphere: our college has a modern vibe and beautiful outdoor learning spaces. The college hosts vibrant guest speakers and community lunches and provides leadership opportunities to students. Themes that guide our programming include:

· Sustainable social enterprise
· Research and innovation in business and beyond
· Indigenous leadership and knowledge

$5,000 pledge over five years (instalments of $83.33 per month) – Gzowski College Leadership Giving Circle
$1,000 pledge over five years (instalments of $16.66 per month) - Gzowski College Enwayaang Giving Circle

Giving is Easy - select your giving circle, select pledge or one time. If pledge then enter the number of instalments, select a start date greater than two days in the future, then press continue.

Questions? Contact the Gzowski College office at 705-748-1743 or contact Principal Melanie Buddle

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Gzowski College Leadership Giving Circle
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