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Meet Mary Jane, a 4th year Honours Biology Student, passionate outdoor enthusiast and recent recipient of donor supported bursaries

Growing up, my parents used to take my family into the Ontario backcountry to paddle and camp. At first, I wondered why we worked so hard and travelled so far just to be outside.

Eventually, though, I learned that the journey was actually an incredible part of the process and was thankful for being pushed out of my comfort zone.

Over the years, the call of adventure inspired my love of the outdoors. That love led to my decision to leave home to attend Trent for a degree in Biology.

Here’s the thing about adventures, though, they are always a lot more challenging than you thought.

I sure found that out the hard way. A year into my BSc, I was no longer able to afford to stay in school. My hopes and dreams for the future came crashing down.

But donors like you stepped up, and, through their generosity, I received the Greatest Need Bursary provided through the Trent Fund. It is because of caring people like you I’m completing my degree.

Sadly, there are so many other students facing the same struggles I’ve faced. With the global pandemic ongoing, Trent students are increasingly concerned about their ability to pursue and afford education. But, because kind people such as you make gifts to the Trent Fund, the University was able to offer 600 needs-based bursaries to students last year!

Your gift today will make a big difference in the lives of Trent students and will make it possible for students like me to continue to work towards our dreams! Will you consider a gift to the Trent Fund today? You can make these difficult times a little bit easier for hardworking Trent students.

Life can be difficult for students, especially these days. Anticipated summer employment evaporated because of COVID-19; many families are struggling with layoffs and job loss. Even in “good times,” student loans, if you qualify, do not always cover all tuition and living expenses.

I look at my fellow students and can see finances are taking a toll. Some of my friends have had to take a year off because they just can’t afford tuition.

Education should be a top priority, but that’s not always possible when you have to make a choice between the cost of basic needs, like food and rent, rather than educational expenses. It’s a heartbreaking decision no student should have to make.

That’s why Trent students are depending on you. Each year, generous people like you make gifts to the Trent Fund to help impact the student experience and meet the greatest student need.

Not only do Trent Fund donors ensure more students like me are able to afford an education, they also enhance the quality of our student experience. And, if we’re not worrying about bills or working extra hours to cover expenses, we’re able to focus on our studies and career goals.

Your generosity is what makes Trent such a special place. Even if many of our classes are now online instead of on-campus, Trent is committed to ensuring we receive a quality education.

The Trent community will remain strong during these pandemic times, in large part because of our caring and committed family of donors.

You can help ensure the Trent student experience leads to memorable, lifelong learning adventures for generations to come.

With thanks and best wishes for your health and happiness,

Mary Jane

P.S. Will you consider becoming a monthly supporter today? With your help, students like me will have hope for the future.

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