Trent Day April 9th

Trent Day Live!

April 8th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. EST

Trent University is pleased to announce the launch of Trent Day – a new annual  spirit and giving day marking the anniversary of the Trent University Act proclamation and the founding of the higher education institution in Peterborough, ON.  

To honour the occasion, we’re having our first-ever Trent Day musical celebration in support of the Trent Fund, featuring Trent University alumni musicians. Join us April 8th at 7:00 p.m. EST for virtual performance and live Q&A.

The Jerry Cans

The Jerry Cans

Iqaluit’s The Jerry Cans are a band from and for the north—they’ve always been committed to making music that honours and dialogues with their home communities. The JUNO Award-nominated group bring a wash of glassy, slashing electric guitars, thundering drums, effects-warped throat singing, and darkened violin work, echoing sounds of love, anxiety, desperation, and grief, as well as the tangled relationships in between. From buzzing indie rock to towering shoegaze to moonlit country to Arctic post-punk, The Jerry Cans continue a tradition of celebration and resistance through music, marching in lockstep and acknowledging the vital, fortifying importance of both. The Jerry Cans are guitarist/vocalist Andrew Morrison ‘04, vocalists/throat singer/accordionist Avery Keenainak, violinist Gina Burgess, bassist Brendan Doherty ‘04, and drummer Steve Rigby.

I, The Mountain

I the Mountain standing infront of Champlain College

I, the Mountain dances the finest lines between indie, folk, and pop traditions. Easily recognized by their crisp harmonies, clever hooks, and high energy performances, I, the Mountain has built a loyal and growing following across Ontario. I, the Mountain has established themselves as openers for acts such as The Strumbellas, Busty and the Bass, The Wooden Sky, and Elliot Brood. I, the Mountain are: Matthew Lamers ‘09, Mattew Rappolt ‘11, Matthew Morgan ‘10, pianist Allison Dyjach, guitarist Rory McLachlin.

Maddie and Kiki standing infront of an outdoor wood stove

In addition to performances by high-calibre alumni bands, TUAA is pleased to announce that Trent Day Live! will be hosted by culinary TV personalities and alumnae, Maddie ’07 Longo and Kiki Longo ’06.

Sisters, Maddie & Kiki Longo are Canada’s favourite Female Grill Masters, who were recently named in the Top 10 Grill Experts of North America. They grill 365 days a year and have fed thousands of hungry barbecue fans. Their cooking adventures have led them from coast-to-coast, appearing on morning shows, podcasts, radio, and live events, inspiring Canadians of all ages to fall in love with the art of outdoor cookery. Known world-wide as the girls who show you how to build a DIY BBQ out of second-hand items, these sisters have upcycled an old kitchen sink into a fully functioning grill!


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