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All Hail Traill (The College on the Hill)

Traill college scarves

Help us say TRAILL WOW this Giving Tuesday by donating to support the Traill College Endowment!

Traill College was founded in 1964 and has a long and special history as part of Trent University. Primarily consisting of a collection of old houses of architectural and historic significance, it has a beautiful location near the downtown core of Peterborough. Traill College marks the point at which the past and the present intersect within the university and the greater community.

This year has been very exciting for Traill. We will now be home to 350 undergraduates and over 500 graduate students. After two decades, the College has its own Library again. It, along with the Junior and Senior common rooms, are located in Scott House and make the perfect off-campus hub for Trent students regardless of their college affiliation. Last year, Traill became the first Trent college to receive a separate endowment fund. After a successful campaign, we have raised over $100,000 thanks to the Greg Piasetzki '72 challenge and are well on our way to making the College financially sustainable. As we strive to grow our College and make it more of an inclusive place for students, we encourage our community members to help us.

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving back, we are asking for your help to raise $15,000 to be part of the group that founds the Traill College Endowment. If we’re successful in our goal, Traill will be able to UNLEASH initiatives, just like the following, that will benefit the Traill College students of today:

  • Expansion of the new College Library with a larger collection and longer hours of service;

  • Continued restoration and improvement of residence spaces;

  • Construction of a new outdoor amphitheater to support Traill-based academic departments such as English, Cultural Studies and Canadian Studies as well as College musical and theatrical productions;

  • Development of unique, collegiate programming that values traditional spirit of the university that you remember based on social justice, meaningful faculty/student engagement and lots of fun!

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Greg Piasetzki '72 UNLEASHES another $10,000 Challenge

Michael Eamon and Greg