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Traill WOW (The College on the Hill)

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#TraillWow! One of Trent’s original colleges and the only college located in downtown Peterborough, Traill is a community of forward-thinking and creative “Traillblazers.” Named after nineteenth-century author and naturalist Catharine Parr Traill, our College is a student oasis situated five minutes away from the centre of Peterborough. The College feels like a small university within the larger university and that’s the point. Here, students may lose themselves in their books, but they will never be lost in the crowd!


Traill has great spaces, including modern residences, lecture halls and study nooks, a vibrant restaurant, and a traditional college library. Traill’s identity is also closely linked to the departments of English Literature, Canadian Studies, Cultural Studies, Media Studies and Law that call the college home. Most importantly, Traill has great people who look out for each other, learn together, and have a lot of fun at the same time.


A downtown hub, Traill is a place where students of all years of study congregate together to create an environment where diversity and blending of ideas thrive.



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Traill College Langton House 1972-73

 Langton House, 1972-73 Can you guess which is Greg Piasetzki '72?