Trent Aquatic Research Program (TARP)TARP

Trent University has a long and storied history of studying aquatic ecosystems, especially those in the Kawartha region. From our very beginnings, scientists from Trent sampled rivers and lakes to learn about aquatic organisms and their environment.

This research has connected Trent to everyone who uses and enjoys our local water bodies by providing a wealth of knowledge about these important environments and how humans affect them. Aquatic science is a strategic research area for Trent and the university has invested heavily in equipment, facilities, programs, and experts to place itself as an international leader in this scientific field.
Through the Trent Aquatic Research Program (TARP) and with your help, we plan to build on Trent’s legacy and further cement its leadership role in aquatic science for the overall benefit of our valuable aquatic ecosystems.

TARP Members
Dr. Paul Frost, David Schindler Professor in Aquatic Science 
Dr. Maggie Xenopoulos, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Global Change of Freshwater Ecosystems
Dr. Graham Raby, Assistant Professor Biology

Contact for information about supporting TARP
Emily Vassiliadis ‘94
Senior Development Officer, Sciences
705-748-1011 ext. 7031

Diagram of the Threats to Kawartha Lakes