#FacesOfTrentU: Philanthropy in Action

Hannah Mackellar, M.A. in Environmental Sciences Program

hannah mackellar for the student impact page


“I believe that my research will be important not only in the conservation of this unique species, but also in my development as a biologist and as a person.”


Hannah Mackellar’s work as an Environmental Science graduate student at Trent has continued to kindle a passion for conservation biology and the study of declining animal species. She was honoured to be awarded by the BMO Financial Group as a Future Green Leader.  


Concentrated on the migration habits and breeding ecology of Whimbrels, a declining arctic-breeding shorebird species, Hannah is an intellectual advocate for their preservation and sustainability. With a Trent degree under her belt, Hannah hopes to continue her work in conservation biology either by continuing her research in this field, or pursuing a career as a wildlife veterinarian. 


Hannah expresses her sincerest gratitude for the BMO Group’s support, as it is certain to help her along her personal and professional path as a green leader.