#FacesOfTrentU: Philanthropy in Action

Melissa Hennig, Math & History Graduate

melissa hennig for student impact profiles“Your help is very much appreciated and has allowed me to pursue my scholarly interests, as well as begin one of my lifetime goals which is to never stop learning.”

For Melissa Hennig, M.A graduate student at Trent University, receiving financial support and moral encouragement from the Bagnani Graduate Awards program was pivotal to pursuing her aspirations to never stop learning.

In 2016, Melissa completed her undergraduate degree in Math and History. During her undergrad studies, Melissa was able to take courses that furthered her interest in Early Modern British History. Little did she know that when she took “The History of Crime in England,” she was being taught by the woman who would later become her M.A supervisor, Jennine Hurl-Eamon.

Following the completion of a Bachelor of Education degree at another university, Melissa was qualified to teach intermediate and senior grades in history and math. While her time away from Trent revealed a great deal of her personal teaching pedagogy and practice, she missed the university and was drawn back.

“One of the main reasons why I returned to Trent to complete my M.A. was receiving this Award. It made the decision to pursue my passion of lifelong learning much easier and has made my time as a graduate student much more enjoyable.”