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Student Aid Changes Lives!

Yosra and Hadeel Photo Credit: Daughter's for Life Foundation

Student Aid Impact

Yosra Albakkar, a young woman from Jordan, is pursuing her Master’s in Sustainability Studies at Trent University. One of  nine children, she is the only one in her family to achieve a higher education. The focus of her research is applying waste water management to agriculture in Jordan and Israel, but her passion is for dialogue and understanding. “Jordan and Israel share the longest border. The water resources are shared; the air we breathe is shared … we have to manage our resources to achieve better … and to manage the resources we have to talk.

Yosra also aims to help her Canadian friends and students better understand the issues, challenges and opportunities for peace in the Middle East. “This is the change, when you’re able to affect the people around you. It starts with small circles.

For international students such as Yosra and Hadeel, donors make it possible for them to achieve their dreams of  higher education. They hope in turn to contribute to peace-building in the Middle East.  For many other international students from situations of economic and social hardship, the high cost of studying in Canada – especially at the graduate level puts that dream out of reach. 

You can help them develop their skills and leadership at Trent by investing in bursaries and awards for international students.

My life has profoundly changed thanks to the opportunity given me to study at Trent University. -Yosra Albakkar




Yosa AlbakkarYosra Albakkar from Jordan, received a scholarship funded by Trent donors and the Fern Rahmel Estate to pursue her Master's in Sustainability Studies at Trent University. Photo Credit: Daughters for Life Foundation

I often think of the thousands of young women in the Middle East who, despite hardship, are dreaming of a better life. I want to be a role model for the girls of Gaza, who can make their dreams come true through education. I want to help make the dream of a peaceful, strong future come true.” -Hadeel Baraka

Hadeel BarakaHadeel Baraka from Gaza, is pursuing her Master’s in Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods at Trent University, with a focus on Economics. Hadeel’s studies have been made possible by a scholarship funded by Trent donors and the Fern Rahmel Estate. Photo Credit: Daughters for Life Foundation