Sculptures on Campus




Artist: Cecil Richards

Date: 1974

Location: Otonabee College lawn, East Bank

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: 26”h x 25”w x 14”d


The Parting of the Waters was donated to the University by Jean and Tom Nind (President of Trent University 1970-1979). Source: Trent University Art Collection files (interview with Jean Nind).



About Artist Cecil Richards

Cecil Richards was originally from Cornwall, UK, and came to Canada in 1925. In 1951, Richards started the sculpture department at the University of Manitoba. He also taught at the University of British Columbia and the Cranbrook Academy of Art. In 1966, he retired in Lakefield, Ontario, north of Peterborough, and established strong links with Trent University. In the mid-1970s the artist held an exhibit at Trent's Mackenzie Gallery. 



Inukshuk at Trent UniversityInuksuk


Artist: Angaangaq Lyberth

Date: 1998

Location: Warren Garden, East Bank

Materials: The original Inuksuk was made by Angaangaq with the help of Drain Bros who quarried the stone to his specifications and delivered it to the site and constructed it with Angaangaq’s oversight.
Dimensions: 86”h x 22”w x 22”d

This Inuksuk was created by Angaangaq Lyberth, a Kalaallit Inuk from Greenland. Using specially-selected local stone, he built it during his time as a visiting lecturer in 1998. Its present location is situated directly across the river from the Bata Library where the inaugural meeting of what would become the Inuit Tapirisat occurred on February 21, 1971. The accompanying plaque honours Trent University’s longstanding commitment and support of all circumpolar peoples.

Bronze sculpture - bust of Margaret Laurence on marble base and wooden stand


Margaret Laurence

Artist: Almuth Lütkenhaus

Date: 1984

Location: Bata Library, second floor, West Bank
Materials: Bronze on marble base
Dimensions: 24”h x 12”w x 8”d


Bronze sculpture - bust of Margaret Laurence on marble base and wooden stand.

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Image of Garden Remembrance sculpture at Symons campusGARDEN REMEMBRANCE


Artist: Ron & Lynda Baird

Date: 2005

Location: Warren Garden, East Bank

Materials: Metal
Dimensions: 73.2”h x 20.8”w

This work of art is a permanent commemorative record of Margery Warren's contribution to Trent. It was designed and created by renowned Canadian sculptors and artists Ron and Lynda Baird. The Bairds created this garden sculpture using laser cut brushed stainless steel. It is illuminated from within and incorporates the name of the garden at its base. The Margery Warren Estate donated the funds for the creation of this structure and for the Warren garden.


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Images of the portal sculpture on Trent University Campus



Artist: David James '68

Date: 2008

The two sculptures unveiled in 2012 provide a glimpse of the range and variety that are coming in the years ahead. Both works are Sculpture of Bust by David James titled “Portal” and share the same form, but with contrasting grandeur.



Location: On the slope between Chemical Sciences Building and Gzowski College, East Bank. The impressive structure overlooks the Otonabee River.

Materials: The sculpture weighs 8,000 lbs (3,600 kg) and is carved from Belfast Black granite from South Africa. 

Dimensions: 6’h x 6’w x 1.2’d


Location: Bata Library, second floor, West Bank

Materials: High-lead topaz coloured crystal and weighs 120 lbs (54 kg)

Dimensions: 24”h x 18”w x 4”d


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About Artist David James

Canadian artist David James creates luminous sculptures cast in glass and bold exterior works carved in stone that often incorporate stainless steel. His sculptures have received international recognition and garnered a number of important awards. 

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Image of The Column Ends sculpture on campus


This Column Ends


Artist: Shayne Dark

Date: 2015

Location: On berm near Blackburn Hall, West Bank
Materials: Steel, painted blue metallic.
Dimensions: 120”h x 26”w x 26”d

Fourteen painted disk-shaped modules, forming a tower. Painted in vibrant indigo blue colour. 


A brilliant blue sculpture on display just inside the entrance of Trent University’s Symons Campus. Heritage Canada certifies This Column Ends as a designated piece of Outstanding Significance and National Importance (OSNI).

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Watch the This Column Ends installation video below:


A crane moving the sculpture This Column EndsInstallation of This Column Ends September 21, 2018 


About Artist Shayne Dark

Shayne Dark is an Ontario-based artist who has had his work exhibited internationally and is best known for his sculptural works. He says that he has always taken a keen interest in every aspect of the process of art production, which he feels draws upon and focuses the physical and perceptual experience of the world. His works, often coated by eye-popping saturated pigments are said to often evoke the contrasts between urban settings and the natural world and are meant to stimulate a spiritual or visceral reaction in the viewer.

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Image if Corpheum xiii sculpture


Corpheum XIII

Artist: Claude Millette

Location: Ward Garden, East Bank

Date: 2016

Materials: Sculpture made of corten steel.
Dimensions: 74.8”h x 50”w x 42”d 

Renowned artist and sculptor Claude Millette revealed his donated sculpture Corphéum XIII in the Ward Garden on Sunday, September 29, 2019.

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About Artist Claude Millette

Claude Millette’s career spans more than 40 years. Since the beginning of his practice, he worked in sculpture, installation and public art. His sculptures have been shown not only in Quebec, but also in Ontario, United States and Europe. He received commissions for more than 40 public artworks, mainly in Quebec, but also in Russia, France, Costa Rica and Mexico. His works have been acquired by several museums (Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal; Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Quebec City), and stand in municipal and private collections. 

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Image of House of Sticks sculpture at Symons campus


House OF Sticks

Artist: Peter Powning

Location: Otonabee College quad, East Bank

Date: 2006

Materials: Glass, copper, corten steel, cast bronze, granite.
Dimensions: 80”h x 36”w x 23”d


About Artist Peter Powning

Beyond mastering time-honoured sculpture techniques and materials, Powning is an acknowledged innovator in craft processes and execution of form. While the arc of his visual language can be read from his early 1970s stoneware through to the radical fusions and huge sculptures of today, the sheer extent of his experimentation and aesthetic daring is staggering.

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Image of Dead Reckoning Monumental which was recently installed


Dead Reckoning Monumental

Artist: David Robinson

Location: Behind the Athletics Centre on the banks of the Otonabee river, West Bank

Date: 2019

Materials: Bronze, stainless steel & weathering steel.
Dimensions: 26' h x 18' w x 2' d


Esteemed Canadian artist David Robinson installed Dead Reckoning on August 30, 2021. Representing grit, determination and a commitment to personal excellence, this striking sculpture features the strained body of a muscular rower leaning over his oars to propel himself toward his destination, representing the passion of rowing and of personal wayfinding.

Watch the Dead Reckoning installation video below:
    Dead Reckoning Installation Installation of Dead Reckoning August 30, 2021.

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About Artist David Robinson

Robinson's striking sculptures incorporate a variety of materials ranging from bronze, steel and silver to concrete, mirror and paper. While his oeuvre is the figure, he often adds psychological and mythological twists to his subjects by situating them in environments that speak to the inherent tensions of human life. Robinson has a deep reverence for imagery and symbolism, and this, combined with his remarkable skill, allows the viewer to surmise and discover the allegorical through contemporary form. 

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La Porte D'Or - The Golden Door: made of Steel, glass, anthracite charcoal, & gold leaves



Artist: André Fournelle

Location: Bata Library, second floor, West Bank

Date: 2009

Materials: Steel, glass, anthracite charcoal, & gold leaves.
Dimensions: 7.9’h x 13.1’w x 4.9’d


André Fournelle, Québec artist and winner of the 2021 prix Paul-Émile-Borduas, installed La Porte d’Or on May 16, 2022.

André Fournelle's art incorporates raw materials and is designed to make us think. This sculpture explores coal as a metaphor. Coal comes from ancient trees, leaves and vegetation. With time and compression, the vegetal changes to mineral, in a process of transmutation. The sculpture is also about the age of coal and the way it has brought us to where we are today - we are walking through that door to a new age which isn’t yet determined and is in that sense an open door.

About Artist André Fournelle

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Potential Sculpture



Artist: Floyd Elzinga
Date: 2023
Location: South side of West Bank Drive at Nassau Mills Rd
Materials: Corten steel
Dimensions: 8’w x 6.75’d; 7’w x 4.33’d; 9’w x 4.25’d

Potential is a series of 3 outdoor pine cone sculptures by Floyd Elzinga. The cycle of regeneration and growth is found in the untapped potential of seeds, offering renewal wherever they land.

About Artist Floyd Elzinga

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