Peter Robinson College

(Honouring the History of PRC)

A black and white photo of the outside of PRC


Trent University is excited to announce the establishment of the Richard Sadleir – Peter Robinson College Endowment.

Keeping the Peter Robinson College spirit alive through the support of today’s Trent University students is very important which is why Tom Miller ’82 has announced a $7,500 founding gift to kick-start the PRC Endowment. Together, we hope that by the end of Giving Tuesday the PRC community will come together to match Tom's contribution - adding to a total of $15,000 to honour this historical college's place in Trent's history. 

The Peter Robinson College Endowment will generate monies every year to sponsor student-led initiatives based at Sadleir House, which is owned and operated by Trent students. Any student or student group of Trent University can apply to receive funding. It is our hope that this new endowment will ensure that the PRC spirit lives on at Sadleir House by injecting greater support into student life. The initiatives that will be made possible through this endowment will also serve as a way to honour the collective PRC collegiate experiences at Trent.

Making a donation to help solidify the establishment of this endowment will ensure there are funds available annually to seed Sadleir House student-led initiatives, which Trent will continue to grow together with its community in the future.

Current student initiatives taking place at Sadleir House include:

  • The Ontario Public Interest Research Group
  • The Anne Shirley Theatre Company
  • The Trent University Music Society
  • The Arthur Newspaper
  • Trent Radio
  • Theatre Trent
  • The Trent Annual Yearbook
  • The Emergency Food Cupboard and the Free Market
  • The Sadleir House Student Library
  • And so much more.

As well, students continue to live in and enjoy the Peter Robinson College Apartments, which have been newly revitalized and renovated.