Otonabee College

(Our Voices Create Waves of Change)

Otonabee College in the fall with crimson trees in front

At Otonabee College, we agree with the ancient saying that you cannot step into the same river twice – because it is always changing. Our motto, tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis (the times are changing and we change with them), inspires OC students as they lead change with heart. Their passion exemplifies the name of our river and our college – “the Otonabee” – an Ojibwe word meaning “the river that beats like a heart.”

Proud to be Trent’s largest college, OC welcomes a diverse group of learners, researchers, and practitioners to its picturesque home atop the ridge of the East Bank. Civic engagement, scientific and technological discovery, digital innovation and change for a better world infuse our programs in Nursing, Education, Forensics, Psychology, Computer Studies, Anthropology and Sociology.

Watch for our college mascot Ottie the Otter at the many College events we hold throughout the year. And follow the adventures of the Betties – our resident family of groundhogs on Instagram!

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