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Otonabee College (Bigger is Better)

Otonabee College Formal

Help us celebrate Otonabee College Spirit by supporting OC's endowment fund today! 

Otonabee College (OC) is located on the East Bank overlooking the river for which it is named after. In Ojibwe, Otonabee means "river that beats like a heart" which symbolizes the way this college imagines how we can keep up with change in our fast-paced lives while honoring our hearts. OC is a true home for students as they continue to share a common bond built on spirit, pride and lasting community.

Students at OC play a major role in organizing and conducting several diverse activities for the entire University campus. The student government and its committees collaborate with the College Office in planning and delivering a variety of events for all students. In the future, we hope to create many more fun and memorable experiences within Otonabee College for our students! We take pride in that our students honor their relationships that they create with their peers, staff and faculty. OC is a College that encourages change, and understands the importance remaining connected past traditions.

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving back, we are asking for your help to raise $15,000 to be part of the group that founds the Otonabee College Endowment. If we’re successful in our goal, Otonabee will be able to UNLEASH initiatives, just like the following, that will benefit the OC students of today:

  • Improve the College Environment with upgrades to the student lounges and study spaces. Create a new Senior Common Room and Alumni Recognition Wall.

  • Support partnerships between Otonabee College and the Peterborough community such as workshops at local businesses in downtown Peterborough, launch a mini-speaker series with guest speakers, create collaborative partnerships with local businesses to establish exclusive discounts for Otonabee College students.

  • Prepare for our 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2022 with an Alumni Weekend, Otonabee College history project, 50 years’ photo yearbooks, celebratory plaques for the College and much more.

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Otonabee at Great Race

Otonabee Outside

Otonabee College at Great Race

Scarf Ceremony