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Life After Trent is a series of forums designed to create opportunities for students and recent grads to connect with experience alumni and industry professionals for career related conversations, professional development, and networking opportunities.

Are you a Trent Alum who would like to meet, mentor or support current students? Are you a recent graduate looking for guidance from alumni established in their careers? Life After Trent programs are for you!


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TrentUConnect is an online professional networking community exclusive to Trent University students and alumni, hosted on the Ten Thousand Coffees™ virtual networking platform. By joining TrentUConnect, experienced alumni can make themselves available for meaningful, one-on-one career conversations with students and recent grads, help them build their network, and offer other career support.

How can I participate as an experienced Alumni or Professional?

Would you like to offer one-on-one mentorship? Share your experience with students and alumni at various stages of their career? Sign up for Ten Thousand Coffees™ and joining the TrentUConnect community. You will be introduced to others who are keen to hear from you!

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Hosted by Trent University Alumni, Life After Trent Club is a series of social events that take place at unique workspaces in Peterborough, Durham and beyond! Meet fellow alumni in your community and build your local professional network, all while getting a behind-the-scenes look at some very interesting places of work.

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How can I participate as an experienced Alumni or Professional?

Is your workplace a step outside of the box? You provide the 4 walls and we'll bring the Trent networking event to you! Students and young graduates benefit from seeing professional and industry skills in action. We all benefit from meeting Trent alumni in our area.

Alumni in the early stages of their career are invited to attend casual yet informative virtual networking sessions where they will gain insightful advice from experienced professionals and hiring managers, and create valuable connections. It’s a great opportunity for your career development.

Upcoming Sessions:

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Past session hosts include:

June 2020 - Neil Morton ’89 and Nicola Van Dam ‘03
July 2020 – John Collinson ’90 and Kristy Kilbourne ‘05
August 2020 - John Kennedy ’85 and Nicholas Deane ‘01

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Alumni Engagement & Services partners with the Colleges of Trent University to bring a distinguished Alumni to Trent University to stay in the College and offer many opportunities to interact with students. The Alumni-in-Residence often deliver a lecture or participate in panel discussions, classroom visits, and other fun and informal events with students. Students love to hear real-world experience!