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Peter Gzowski College (The way we speak together)

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As Trent's youngest College, we need the support of generous Gzowski Alumni today!

Gzowski College is one of the best communities on campus because we truly support our students, and their path to self-discovery. The key to being a member of the Gzowski is understanding the power of relationships. We deeply value our relationships with the other communities in our building. All of whom have been tremendous collaborators and supporters of our College.

As Trent University’s youngest College we have fewer traditions than our neighboring college communities and this has become one of our strengths. We have an appetite for good scholarship and for promoting events that emphasize sustainability, environment and land. While research is embedded in every part of the university, we provide a special home for the process of asking new questions about the world and learning to find the answers. As our Gzowski students grow, it is important that we keep our connection with our community strong.

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving back, we are asking for your help to raise $15,000 to be part of the group that founds the Gzowski College Endowment. If we’re successful in our goal, Gzowski will be able to UNLEASH initiatives, just like the following, that will benefit the Gzowski College students of today:

  • Deepen our strong ties to the Indigenous community through the creation of an Indigenous speaker series and supporting workshops.

  • Create the Peter Gzowski College Annual Writers Retreat, a writing retreat for students, supported by faculty, Academic Skills, and Alumni.

  • Establish the Peter Gzowski College Conference Fund, a fund for undergraduate students to apply into that will support their research by sending them to a conference of their choosing as it relates to their area of research/interest. Successful applicants will be asked to present their learnings to the college community.

  • Provide additional Peter Gzowski College awards, providing more opportunity to formally recognize our outstanding students.

  • Create more Gzowski awards for students to be able to recognize the great work our students are doing in their own communities and around the world.

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