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Trent University's 50 Million Campaign Exceeds Goal

Student Spotlight

Feiyur Wang's Lecture on Chemical Contamination in the Arctic



 Prestigious Board of Governors’ Scholarship Awarded to Volunteer Extraordinaire Luke Meloche’s inspiring front-line experience and well-rounded education reflect Trent’s commitment toward rewarding futures in medical fields Before Luke Meloche began to study biochemistry within Trent’s one-of-a-kind Medical Professional Stream (MPS), the first-year student had already answered an inner calling to serve others. With sights firmly set on a medical career, he is the newest recipient of the Board of Governors’ Leadership Scholarship. “Being awarded Trent’s Board of Governors’ Leadership Scholarship is the proudest accomplishment of my life,” explains Mr. Meloche. “I am so grateful to the Board for supporting my education and goals. It’s truly a cherry on top of getting into Trent’s Medical Professional Stream.” With an overall value of $18,000, the scholarship is awarded to an entering student who has shown outstanding leadership and involvement in their community as well as high academic achievement. Mr. Meloche coaches a Special Olympics Canada swim team in Peterborough. He has also volunteered in the pediatric department at a Windsor hospital and assisted families with sick children at Ronald McDonald House. “These causes are important to me as they represent my passion for helping others, especially children and families,” he says. “These experiences inspired me to pursue medicine.” At Trent, Mr. Meloche plans to work with Tessa Smith, last year’s scholarship recipient and creator of Chattability, an online forum enabling university students with disabilities across Canada to connect and champion their rights. “I identify as an ally to the disabled community and wish to be an advocate for the rights of those with disabilities here at Trent for the years to come,” says Mr. Meloche. To enhance his education at Trent and explore career options, Mr. Meloche has secured a volunteer placement in the emergency department at Peterborough Regional Health Centre. 

Feiyur Wang's Lecture on Chemical Contamination in the Arctic



 "I hope one day to become a University Professor. I would like to share my enthusiasm for Archaeology and find a way to help improve the situation of archaeological research in my home country. One day, I will also create a fund that assists students who want to pursue higher education but are unable to afford it."

Barbara j Finlayson-Pitts lecture on air pollution and more



 "My academic background includes being a survivor of residential school up to high school, which I completed in the Spring of 1969. I am now halfway through an Indigenous PhD Studies at Trent, which I hope to complete in the Fall of 2019. My research topic is the Dene community, it explores ways to strengthen the Dene youth and their identity."

jeremy with site


Jeremy Brooks, M.A. ARCHAEOLOGY

"Your generous donation has helped support me in my studies, and alleviate costs for my upcoming field work in Bulgaria for this summer. This experience is vital for my PhD applications, and will help prepare me for field work in my future career as a Professor of Archaeology"

Alex cross armed, smiling


aLEXANDRA ha, m.a. psychology

 “This bursary is not only an enormous monetary support for my education but also a symbolic reward of my personal development. My journey in becoming a dedicated graduate student has evolved through my many hardships and accomplishments. Now, I am proud to say that I am finishing up my Master’s degree in Psychology, in which I study emotional intelligence.”

celine on knees smiling with friends, wearing green shirt



“Trent gave me an opportunity to connect with my Tlicho elders and community for the orchestra collaboration. This Award has allowed me to experience new opportunities without worrying about my tuition fees. Mahsicho means “thank you very much”. Mahsicho for supporting me in my language and culture adventure, as this is a timely component for my PhD Indigenous Studies research on traditional Tlicho stories. It was very meaningful for our stories to be told and heard so far from home.”

Barbara j Finlayson-Pitts lecture on air pollution and more



"Graduate school is more challenging than I anticipated especially as a single mom with two young children. Thanks to the support of the Alan Wilson Graduate Scholarship it has been considerably easier."

Dayton rowing, wearing a green uniform



“With the money I received from this scholarship, I will pay to partake in a special course for students preparing to write their MCAT exam. I hope my email finds you in good health and puts a smile on your face knowing your husband’s memory has put one on mine. I intend on making your investment in my studies a worthwhile one and promise to do my utmost to be the best physician I can be.”

selfie of taylor with a maroon shirt


Taylor urquhart, forensic science

“I don't come from a particularly well-off family, so this bursary significantly helps me out financially. I'm really enjoying my studies at Trent so far, although I'm not entirely sure what I plan to do with my degree come fourth year. Although I haven’t decided my specialization in Forensics yet, I look forward to going over the many options that are available!”

Selfie of Charlie, with a jean jacket


Charlie Lawson-Lee


"It's hard to do amazing things like travel and study abroad when you're a student; and your aid has brought me immense help, appreciation, and the ability to follow my ambitions. I hope that my appreciation of your kindness goes a long way, and you have satisfaction in realizing your contribution to my academic career has allowed me to achieve my dream.” 

Ryan holding his diploma


rYAN orr, m.a. history

“The generosity of donors such as yourself made Trent’s History MA program more appealing and practical for students. Attending graduate studies to complete an MA in history has been an ambition of mine since my undergraduate studies, however, the financial obligations made fulfilling this ambition seem impractical. Thus, I’m absolutely delighted to be a recipient of your scholarship!”

Destiny with her son, posing with pumpkins


Destiny Freeman, B.A. Psychology

"I wanted to email you to thank you for your generosity and providing me with the bursary. I am a psychology major and I am also taking the emphasis in law and policy. I am a single mother and work part time. This bursary has helped me tremendously, and I couldn't be more grateful." 

Selfie of Farid


Farid qamar, msc candidate astrophysics

"I am in my second year of my MSc in Astrophysics and my research is mainly in the area of Observational Extragalactic Cosmology, specifically I look at interactions between galaxies in different environmental densities.  By awarding me the Slavin Research Scholarship in Physics and Astronomy, you have helped relieve some of my financial burden and allowed me to concentrate more on my research.  Your generosity has made a real difference to me. Thank you."

Erin smiling near a lake


Erin clews

b.a.h english and pSyChology student

 "I wanted to thank you for granting me the Gordon Roper Bursary.  I am honoured to have received an award named after such an influential man.  English Literature has always, and will continue to be, a passion of mine, and I thank you for allowing me to pursue this passion with the financial help you have provided."

Selfie of sean


Sean carleton

phd candidate canadian studies

 "I am writing to express my appreciation for the Jean Evelyn Graves Graduate Scholarship.  I am grateful for these funds that are helping me complete my dissertation on the history of state schooling for Indigenous children in British Columbia between 1849 and 1925.  I understand that Jean Evelyn Graves was a secondary school teacher and was very involved in educational issues, so it is an honour to be using the scholarship to further study the history of schooling and educational issues.  Such financial generosity enables students like me to conduct crucial research and disseminate it in the hope of making the world a better place.  Thank You!"

Selfie of Julie


Julia smith, phd candidate canadian studies

 "As a fourth year student in the Trent-Carleton Joint PhD Program in Canadian Studies, the Harley Richard Cummings Scholarship, will be of great assistance in helping me meet the considerable financial demands of a doctoral program.  In addition, this scholarship has allowed me to travel outside of Peterborough to do archival research and meet with the interview participants.  My doctoral research is about Canadian bank workers’ struggles to unionize between 1940 and 2010.  I plan to complete my doctoral program in April 2015.  It is my hope that through the continued generosity and support of donors like you, many more students will be able to reach academic goals that would otherwise be unattainable."

Selfie of Hadeel




“This bursary is not only an enormous monetary support for my education but also a symbolic reward of my personal development. My journey in becoming a dedicated graduate student has evolved through my many hardships and accomplishments. Now, I am proud to say that I am finishing up my Master’s degree in Psychology, in which I study emotional intelligence.”






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