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 The Campaign For Trent Durham GTA

Student Centre Challenge  UNLEASHED

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In early 2016, the students of Trent University issued a challenge to all Faculty, Staff and Board members to help make the new Student Centre a reality. The Challenge asked for a pledge that matches, double matches, triple matches or more the annual student levy for five years. 

Janice Matthews, Parking Manager (on left) Dorcas Mensah, 2nd year BSc student, Board Representative (on right)
Thank you for helping the students realize their vision through the alumni Student Centre Challenge.  Students are providing $10.5 million through a special levy, and a $4 million fundraising initiative for the Student Centre will launch the final phase of Trent’s comprehensive $50 Million Campaign.

Visit for information about the project, call 705-748-1011 for Sherry Booth to make your pledge.


Student Centre Supporters - Staff & Faculty

Kenzu Abdella
Khalil Ajram
A. Michael Allcott
Daralyn Auld
Adrian Ash
William Atkinson
Michael Bass West
Brenda Blackburn
Stephen Bocking
Rita Bode
Sherry Booth
Liana Brown
Melanie Buddle
Dana Capell
Bruce Cater
Eric Chant
Wayne Craft
Saud Choudhry
Raymond Dart 
Julie Davis 
Deb deBruijn
Christine Diaz
Jeffery Domm 
Caroline Durand
Loretta & Dan Durst
Deb Earle 
Tanna and Joe Edwards 
David Ellis  
Julie Ellis
Neil Emery
Louise Fish
Michael G. Fox
Joanna Freeland
Christine Freeman-Roth
Christopher Furgal
Julie Gauthier
Rae Gilbeault
Tara Harrington
Naida Harris-Morgan 
Fiona Harris-Stoertz
Marcus Harvey
Lee Hays
Michael Hickson
Stephen Hill
Holger Hintelmann
Ashley Horne
Adam Hopkins
Dorothy Howard-Gill
Richard Hurley
Veronica Hollinger
Gyles Iannone
Stephen Katz
Carolyn Kay
Anne Keenleyside
Martin Kennaley
Seng H. Kho
Trudy Kirschner 
Nancy Lewis
Debbie Lietz
Robert Loney
Jean Luyben 
Inge Lovell & Gary Heuvel
Patricia Lynch 
Katherine MacIsaac
Jennifer MacIsaac
Bonnie MacKinnon
Barb Marshall
Janice Matthews
Sabine McConnell
Michele McIntosh
Christine McKinnon
Douglas McDermid
Jaime Morales 
Jackie Muldoon
David Newhouse
Lisa Nisbet 
Erica Nol
Kathryn Norlock
Van Nguyen-Marshall
OPSEU Local 365
David Patton
Judy Pinto
Nona Robinson
Sue Robinson
Damian Rogers
Hannah Routly
Lisa Ropertz
Tract Sallaway
Ralph Shiell
Aaron Slepkov
Emily Slepkov
Brenda Smith-Chant
Paul Shaffer
Dorothy Sharpe
Karen Spearing
Joanne Sokolowski
Leslie Spooner
Kent Stringham
Margaret Steffler
Karen Stoyles
Byron Stoyles
James Struthers
Sasha Trivett
Paula Wager
TUFA - Trent University Faculty Association 
Jennifer Walsh-Hopkins
James Watson
Chris Welter 
Christine Withrow
Tom Whillans 
Kevin and Maryanne Whitmore
R. Chris Williams
Jocelyn Williams 
Stephanie Williams
Kirsten Woodend
Rachel Wortis
Susan Wurtele
Charles Wyszkowski
Anonymous Faculty = 4 donors
Anonymous Staff = 12 donors



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Durham Community