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Trent University's 50 Million Campaign Exceeds Goal

Creating the library of the future

“No university in the world has ever risen to greatness without a correspondingly great library.”
Lawrence Clark Powell, librarian, literary critic and author

Trent’s Thomas J. Bata Library is the academic heart of the university. It is a place of discovery, offering the extraordinary riches of past learning, where students and faculty collaborate to create new knowledge for future scholars. It houses a remarkable array of resources: collections of hardbound books, rare Canadiana, art, digital resources and online databases, the works of faculty and students, and more.

The library of the future will be less a space for storing books and quiet reading, and more a space for innovation, collaboration and inspiration. As part of Trent University’s $50 Million Campaign: Unleash the Potential, we will reinvigorate the library, preserving our digital and physical collections, improving access to the world’s knowledge, and ensuring our library services respond to the rapidly changing needs of students and faculty.

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