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Your Impact

In 2017, your donations to Trent's Annual Campaign have helped students in the following areas:

Pie chart: 48% Student Focused Funds and Projects, 19% Bata Library Renewal, 19% College Endowments, 6% Academic Department Support, 5% Annual Fundraising Costs, 4% Other Funds including Athletics, Visiting Scolars and the Student Centre.

We put your support into action for students at Trent

Thank you for giving to the Trent University through the Trent Annual campaign. This is an incredible way to give back to the Trent community.

What does this mean? Your contribution is put immediately to use helping make a difference in the lives of students today at Trent. Every dollar raised as part of Trent’s Annual campaign supports critical initiatives for the Trent students of today – right away.

Here just a few ways your annual support makes an impact every day:

  • Financial Need & Emergency bursaries:
    • You help provide aid to the 88% of students at Trent who require financial aid – over half of whom receive a bursary (and the average bursary is $675 per student, per semester)
    • Your support helped keep Trent University #1 in the provision of scholarships, bursaries and awards to students per-capita
    • You continue help to provide experience and employment to over 700 students on-campus each year
  • Student Focused Projects on-campus:
    • You continue to provide on-campus safety by funding the Trent University Emergency First Response and WalkHome safety programs
    • You continue to help us make our campus more accessible
    • You supported important on-campus projects like the development of a mental health nurse program, a tractor for the sustainable agriculture program, and a boat for our biology department
    • You supported the building and renewal of spaces on campus, like the building of the brand new Student Centre or the renewal of the Nozhem First Peoples' Performance Space
  • Supporting our campus spaces and heritage:
    • You help provide needed funds for Trent to steward its architecture, its heritage, and its incredible furniture
    • You helped to renew the Bata Library, which is now open!
  • Supporting the revitalization of the Collegiate system at Trent:
    • You provided support for the college systems by seeding college endowments; funds that support our active and historical colleges in perpetuity on campus
  • Departments, scholarships, and programs at Trent University:
    • Your support provides funds to specific departments, scholarships or bursaries on campus
    • Your support provides needed funds for varsity student-athletes to help them complete their education
    • Your support helps to promote alumni engagement through free events, services, discounts and benefits

Your support helps us ensure that Trent’s education remains purposeful, personal and transformative for the students of today.

Thank you for helping us make the Trent experience unique, important, and difference-making for our students.

Please click here to see our generous 2018 supporters and please click here to join them.



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