More than 75% of students at Trent Durham receive financial aid. Trent University is recognized as a leader in providing scholarships and bursaries. When the Campaign for Trent Durham was launched in March 2019, few scholarships and bursaries were specifically awarded to Trent Durham students. So, we set a goal of raising $500,000 to create 30 new funds dedicated exclusively for students at our Durham Campus.

As we move forward, we plan to continue bolstering student support so that financial strain does not become a barrier for students with the drive, curiosity, and creativity to make a difference in the world and our community. Whether young, recent high school graduates or displaced workers seeking to rejoin the workforce to assist their families, increasing scholarships helps attract and support academically strong students while bursaries provide aid to students in financial need.

With your help, we can create new opportunities, such as course-specific scholarships or “first generation bursaries” to encourage and assist students who are the first in their family to pursue a post-secondary education—a group that Trent Durham attracts in increasing numbers because of our intimate, supportive campus.

Student Aid Opportunities

Enhance an existing fund or create your own named endowment. When you establish an endowment, your donation is invested to produce an annual income stream that helps unleash students’ potential for years to come.

• Scholarship: Awarded to a student for academic excellence when they enter or return to university in a particular discipline. A minimum of $30,000 donation will establish a named permanent scholarship of $1,000 per year.

• Bursary: 
Helps students with demonstrated financial needs. A minimum $15,000 endowed donation will establish a named permanent bursary of $500 per year.

• Award: 
Assists students with financial need and strong academic standing. A minimum $30,000 endowed donation will establish a named permanent award of$1,000 per year.

• Prize:
 Awarded by an academic department, based on a student’s commitment to learning, leadership, or other achievements. A minimum $15,000 endowed donation will establish a named permanent prize of $500 per year.


Support Trent Durham Through Scholarships & Bursaries