What makes a campus a community? What made your experience transformative? What made your university education memorable?

Trent’s history as a collegiate university is part of what makes us unique and successful.

The collegiate system offers unique learning opportunities outside of the classroom, enhances the diversity of our campus community, helps students form life-long friendships, and shapes a huge part of the Trent experience. Within Trent’s five colleges students find meaningful  connections with faculty and peers, create a “home away from home,” and engage in learning and social opportunities crucial to student growth.

Trent continues to embrace the importance of colleges as smaller communities within the broader university. Our college principals Melanie Buddle (Gzowski); Tina Fridgen ’95 (Champlain), Christine Freeman-Roth (Lady Eaton); Stephanie Muehlethaler (Otonabee); and Michael Eamon (Traill) are leading their colleges in a way that increases faculty participation; enhances the colleges’ unique identities; elevates students unique Trent experience, and promotes philanthropic support in an effort make our college system more sustainable over the long term.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni, staff, faculty, and University contributions, over $900,000 has been raised to establish college endowments. Today we will make our college roots stronger and enrich our experiences for our students and faculty by announcing through The Campaign for Trent Colleges.

This dedicated fundraising campaign will support the revitalization of the colleges to provide a sustainable, perpetual, dependable source of funds for all five Colleges. These funds will be used each year to make a direct and immediate differences in the lives of Trent students.

Each college aims to raise $1 million to build endowments dedicated to College life.