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Crush the college cHALLENGE continues


Champlain College (D.A.R.E. to be Champlain)


Discover. Adventure. Reflect. Engage.
These words drive our Champlain College Family (our ‘Ch’amily).

Champlain was the first residential college to open on the Symons Campus, in 1966. One of Canadian Architect Ron Thom’s masterpieces, the college is steeped in tradition and rich with history. The feel of the buildings and how they integrate into the landscape alongside the river is unique to Champlain. Each Trent University student will have many experiences but here in our college we encourage our students to explore and discover opportunities for learning, to leave their comfort zone and adventure into unfamiliar fields of study, to reflect on what they have experienced and engage in the community to share what they have learned with others. Champlain’s pride is strong and our roots run even deeper. Help us grow the Champlain College Endowment so that we can expand on these traditions and open opportunities and spaces to our ever-growing Chamily!

Will you D.A.R.E. to be Champlain?

Stu Butts '75, announces challenge funds for Champlain College

Stu Butts '65, has issued a $5,000 challenge to alumni, staff, faculty and donros of Champlain. In celebration of Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving back, your help is needed to raise $10,000 for the Champlain College Endowment on top of Stu's $5,000 challenge - a total of $15,000 today! If successful in reaching this goal, Champlain will be able to support many exciting new initiatives, like the following:

  • Help us to DISCOVER new sides to our traditions!
    Currently we have many traditional weekends for students to engage in, including the High Table Dinner, Harvest Weekend, Bon Temps Winter College Weekend, and the Graduate Dinner. With an increasing student population and a more diverse student body, funds are required to help expand on the opportunities for participation in traditional College events. While keeping the energy for healthy competition and holding the values of physical activity our events need to expand past Pig Bowl, Broomball, and Floor Hockey to include a more diverse array of outdoor and indoor events to attract more members of the community. For example, Bon Temps will move from simply a broomball tournament into a winter carnival. While encouraging more participants and spectators for broomball activitie, more of the students, alumni, staff and faculty will enjoy a winter college weekend with a variety of events hosted by many members of the Trent and Peterborough community. Funds donated to Champlain would allow the college to discover new activities and opportunities to help grow Champlain traditions for our diverse membership;

  • Help our students ADVENTURE into new lands!
    Champlain’s spirit of adventure, discovery, and global citizenship are captured in the college motto: “continuer mes decouvertes”, “continue my discoveries”. Within the Champlain residences are two special areas designated as "Living Learning Communities". These include the Trent Global Living Community, for students interested in developing their global citizenship; and the Active Living Community, for those with a spirit of adventure who want to live healthy and active lives. It is the goal of Champlain College to establish an annual adventure into the great outdoors, teaching students about the Canadian environment and history of land use. Champlain would also like to create scholarships to support study abroad initiatives and help fund those who are studying here at Trent coming from diverse cultures. Endowment funds to Champlain College can help Champlain students connect with the international community while helping international students with opportunities to come to Trent and connect with the Canadian culture;

  • Help us maintain an environment for REFLECTION
    To Champlainers, architecture matters and we need to keep our spaces healthy for years to come. Legendary Canadian architect Ron Thom designed this college, and its buildings are renowned for their avante garde use of natural materials and traditional elements in modernist form. Walking through its winding paths and staircases, or through the courtyards or to the banks of the river you’ll feel how the architecture creates a feeling of community, takes inspiration from the natural environment, and provides a safe space for intellectual discovery, adventure, reflection and hearty engagement with a community of learners;

    At the center of the college is the impressive Great Hall, which serves as the college's gathering place for formal dinners and events, as well as a daily dining and study hall. Near the great hall are a Junior Common Room for student recreation and study, The Seasoned Spoon, an independent cooperatively run café serving healthy, organic, locally grown, affordable food, and the Champlain Living Learning Commons. The Commons serves as a formal and informal meeting space, an art gallery, a dining room, and the venue for regular college functions like co-curricular workshops and guest speakers. Both residential students and students living off-campus have access to all college facilities. Endowment funds could help keep these spaces alive for current students. Updating these spaces to make them more accessible and energy efficient could be possible with endowment support;

  • Help us to ENGAGE with the Academic Community
    The revitalization of the Colleges has re-established a strong role for academics in college life. Champlain College would like to establish an annual Seminar Series that would engage faculty and inspire students. Having grown our departmental affiliation to include the School of the Environment, Politics and International Development Studies, Endowment funds would create opportunity to invite scholars into the community, to establish student scholarships and awards within academic departments, and to create meaningful collaborations across departments and our communities;

As an added incentive: the president’s office has issued a challenge to propel this day forward. The college with the highest participation per capita will receive $5,000, and the college that has the highest number of first-time donors will receive an additional $5,000 - which could mean an additional $10,000 on top of our $15,000 goal to support Champlain's growing endowment!


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