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Champlain College (Champlain Till I Die)


Our Chamily’s pride is strong and our roots run even deeper - help us fund the Champlain College Endowment!

Champlain was the first residential college to be opened on the Symons Campus, in 1966. One of Canadian Architect Ron Thom’s masterpieces, the college is steeped in tradition and rich with history. The feel of the buildings and how they are integrated into the landscape, especially the orientation to the river, is unique to Champlain.

Our famous saying, “I’m Champlain ‘till I die” is lived out as students become Alumni who are passionate about their college. Their dedication to the college community is demonstrated as they return to speak at dinners, mentor students or make a donation to improve infrastructure for our current and future students. When an Alumni shares how Champlain College has impacted their life, the memories they hold dear, or the lifelong friends they have made here, it becomes very clear that this is a special place for those who have been a part of it.

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, a national day of giving back, we are asking for your help to raise $15,000 to be part of the group that founds the Champlain College Endowment. If we’re successful in our goal, Champlain will be able to UNLEASH initiatives, just like the following, that will benefit the Champlain College students of today:

  • An annual Celebration of Excellence – In November of 2017, Champlain College hosted a reception for students who achieved 80% or higher in their previous year of study. At this reception members of the college, including faculty, staff, alumni and students from all years of study, came together to congratulate and encourage our high achieving students in their pursuit of excellence. The Peer Mentor Award was introduced and given to two upper year students by a first year student whose life they had had an impact on. This was a wonderful celebration of excellence on many levels. As academics are central to our community and purpose, we would like to make the event more significant by offering a meal and adding more awards that acknowledge excellence from the various members of our community who have made contributions.

  • Holiday Event – This is currently an annual college event which could be redesigned to centre around a college dinner. This would attract and engage more members of the college, as well as give an opportunity to showcase the variety of cultural holiday traditions of our college members.

  • Off Campus Student Support – At least 40% of first year students now live off-campus and that percentage continues to grow as Trent does. Off campus students are a difficult group to engage in college life and they often miss out on the benefits of what the college can offer to enhance their university experience. The College wants to find new and innovative ways to connect off campus students to the Champlain spirit and our community.

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