#FacesOfTrentU: Philanthropy in Action

Catherine Davis, Ph.D. candidate, Indigenous Studies

Catherine Davis smiling in front of a field

“For more than 50 years, Trent has incorporated traditional teachings and perspectives into its curricular and extra-curricular programming. Thank you for helping make this kind of learning environment possible.”

When Catherine Davis decided to pursue her Ph.D. as a mature student, she admits that some friends and family members didn’t quite understand.

Just like Trent, however, Ms. Davis believes in the importance of lifelong learning. Now in the midst of her doctorate in Indigenous Studies, Ms. Davis is glad she decided to make the leap and go back to school. On top of her own research, this year Ms. Davis had the pleasure of being a teaching assistant in the Foundations of Indigenous Studies class.

“It’s richly rewarding to see how students in my classes can critically relate these learnings to their own degrees, from fields as diverse as business, nursing, or environmental science,” says Ms. Davis.

She also points to the generous gifts from donors and alumni that have helped create a holistic learning environment for Trent students. With these gifts, Trent was able to increase Indigenous student support and begin honouring and recognizing the local Michi Saagiig culture on campus.

“Although there is still a lot of work to be done,” says Ms. Davis. “We have made significant progress.”

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