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Thank you for accepting the Alumni Student Centre Challenge!

$750,000 in matching funds was raised because of your donations

Remember your time at Trent? The enthusiasm, the learning, the creativity? You will be the first to admit it did not all happen in the classroom. It was often the extracurricular activities such as clubs, social events, late-night debates, that you remember most fondly, and that formed the foundation for your life and career.

Trent is one of Canada's highest-ranked small universities and students want future generations to enjoy the unique experience that only a smaller university can offer. Still, the campus was built for 3,000 and there are now over 7,000 students, meaning space for formal and informal gatherings can be tight.

That’s why students asked alumni, through the Alumni Student Centre Challenge, to help build a new Student Centre.

Students are so committed to this project that they are providing, through a special student levy, $10.5 million of the $16 million required. This means each student will contribute $95 a year which includes current and future students. Basically, they have taken on the mortgage for the new 37,000 square foot Student Centre. Quite a commitment!

An anonymous alum is so impressed by the students’ enthusiasm that they put up $750,000 in matching funds to help the students’ challenge to alumni. 

Take the challenge. Make a pledge. And spread the word by challenging five more alumni!

Alumni accepting the challenge!

NameAlumni YearLast Name
Name Class Year Last Name
Trudy Kirschner1988Kirschner
Tom Miller1982Miller
Tara MacDonald1993MacDonald
Tanna Edwards1978Edwards
Susan Musclow1971Musclow
Susan Wurtele1983Wurtele
Suresh Narine1991Narine
Sue Graham Parker1973Graham Parker
Stephen Kylie1972Kylie
Sherry Booth1998Booth
Sharon Moloney2011Moloney
Sara Pieper2003Pieper
Sadaf Virji2002Virji
Ron Leeking1971Leeking
Robin Dines1976Dines
Robin Quantick1978Quantick
Ray Dart1982Dart
Rae Gibeault1993Gibeault
Peter Dilworth1980Dilworth
Peter Gilbert1990Gilbert
Paula Wagar1969Wagar
Marla Williams1993Williams
Marilyn Burns2000Burns
Margaret Sanders1972Sanders
Lynn Neufeld1968Neufeld
Lynn Holland1976Holland
Lucie Edwards1973Edwards
Loretta Durst1996Durst
Lorena Haley-Twiss1990Haley-Twiss
Len & Phyllis Vernon1964Vernon
Lee Hays1991Hays
Khalil Ajram2008Ajram
Kenzu Abdella1984Abdella
Ken Hartwick1981Hartwick
Kathleen McManus1969McManus
Kate MacIsaac2004MacIsaac
Kat Ross1980Ross
Jen Walsh-Hopkins2006Walsh-Hopkins
Janice Millard1976Millard
Inge Lovell1981Lovell
Helen Bajorek-MacDonald1990Bajorek-MacDonald
Hayla Evans1980Evans
Gyles Iannone1990Iannone
Greg Piasetzki1972Piasetzki
Graham Weeks1966Weeks
Geoff Eve2005Eve
Doug Vaisey1964Vaisey
Dorothy Howard-Gill1990Howard-Gill
Deborah Berrill1969Berrill
Deborah McWhinney1986McWhinney
Deb Earle1987Earle
Deanna Toews1988Toews
David McRobert1977McRobert
Daralyn Auld1995Auld
Dan Coholan1977Coholan
Damian Rogers1992Rogers
Christine Welter1974Welter
Christine Diaz1994Diaz
Catherine Eimers1986Eimers
Calum Gillespie1967Gillespie
Brenda Smith-Chant1990Smith-Chant
Bonnie MacKinnon1979MacKinnon
Bob Condon1969Condon
Barclay Walker1990Walker
Audrey Moore1972Moore
Ashley Horne-Ashbury1990Horne-Ashbury
Armand La Barge1995La Barge
Alan Harman1980Harman
Adam Hopkins2003Hopkins
Adam Peer1982Peer
Jack Vollering1971Vollering
James Halls1980Halls
Donald Allison1970Allison
Mark Mooney1966Mooney
Stephen Stohn1982Stohn
Francois Senecal1983Senecal
Michelle Wehrle1985Wehrle
Hanah McFarlane2007McFarlane
Nancy Stephenson1969Stephenson
Jeanne Beaith1970Beaith
Catherine Montgomery1972Montgomery
David Brydson1999Brydson
Denis Desjardins1976Desjardins
Maureen Pearson1977Pearson
Jeanne Kimber (Valentin)1971Kimber
Patricia Brace1983Brace
Sarah Butler1985Butler
Bruce Beamer1966Beamer
Mark Cole1987Cole
Jacqueline Laurie1987Laurie
Aaron Coholan1995Coholan
Catherine Elliott1978Elliott
Eleanor Carter1979Carter
Kristine Williams1998Williams
Joanne Thomsen1981Thomsen
Sheila Leonard1968Leonard
Edward Hogg1989Hogg
Steven Wall1983Wall
Stephen McKeon1983McKeon
Geoff Guch1994Guch
Paul F. Smith1981Smith
Heiko Peters1984Peters
Dale Bolton1982Bolton
Ruth Dickau1991Dickau
Jennifer Fritsch-Hermer1989Fritsch-Hermer
Dean Girard1990Girard
Melissa Hogg1998Hogg
Ramnarine Etwaroo1988Etwaroo
Andrew J. Lam2002Lam
Julie Cayley1987Cayley
Scott L. Taylor1982Taylor
Martha Burd1970Burd
Elizabeth Churcher1969Churcher
Charles Meanwell1966Meanwell
Sebastian Cosgrove2006Cosgrove
Shawn O' Connor1982O'Connor
Louise Garrow1980Garrow
Jeffrey Armstrong1980Armstrong
Brenda Burton1984Burton
Patricia Dixon1979Dixon
Robert J. Richardson1985Richardson
Allison Nicholls2011Nicholls
Bob & Maggie Lightbody1964Lightbody
Doug Poff1968Poff
Jill Shearer1988Shearer
Trudy Hagness-Nisbett1969Hagness
Caroline Roden1974Roden
Mary-Anne Nicholls1976Nicholls
Patricia McCullough1964McCullough
Tracey Fernandes2003Fernandes
Jill Dunkley1979Dunkley
Harvey McCue1966McCue
David Greer1964Greer
Susan Webb1964Webb
Lynda Hanley1981Hanley
Carol Gray1975Gray
Gary Cubitt1967Cubitt
Victoria Cubitt1969Cubitt
Judith Kovacs1982Kovacs
Rosemary Burd1980Burd
Jennifer A. Stephen1994Stephen
Margaret Chambers1980Chambers
Susan Garlick1964Garlick
Moira Kennedy2003Kennedy
Jodi Pescott1993Pescott
Jack P. Duffy1966Duffy
Ozlem Ulgen Eren2007Eren
Richard J. Whatley1971Whatley
Cindy Fenwick1976Fenwick
Donald Miskiman1969Miskiman
T.H.B. Symons1961Symons
Marni Virtue1973Virtue
Stephen Couchman1986Couchman
Bill Corcoran1970Corcoran
Kate Ramsay1971Ramsay
Bill Orr1969Orr
Paul Crookall1965Crookall
Josef Van Ruyven1970Butler
Douglas Boulter1970Boulter
Sharon McLennan McCue1966McCue
Chris Andison1984Andison
Janet Carter1987Carter
Charles Cook1983Cook
Bill Doyle1970Doyle
Karen Fallis-Baker1979Fallis
Janet Forjan1982Forjan
Simon Hallam1986Hallam
Trevlor Holmes1987Holmes
Nancy Kiefer1978Kiefer
Patricia Larkin1980Larkin
David Mathers1980Mathers
Paul Mitchell1977Mitchell
Angela Poll-Griffith1995Poll
John Porter1974Porter
Susan Reynolds-Dermarkar1983Reynolds
Bruce Scott1975Scott
Nancy Sheppard-Kristufek1977Sheppard
David Siegel1984Siegel
Robin Sundstrom1978Sundstrom
Rob A. Wilson1967Wilson
Angela Poll-Griffith1995Griffith
Kevin Griffith1995Griffith
John Butcher1967Butcher
Christopher Glover2001Glover
Nikita Henry2011Henry
Vera Carter1980Carter
Susan Chamberlain1985Chamberlain
Anna May Young1984Young
Paul Mintha1988Mintha
Heather Neale-Postnicks1977Neale
John Hatherly1973Hatherly
David McKee1998McKee
Jovan Groen2001Groen
Robert Palmer1984Palmer
Erin Stewart Eves1996Stewart
Stephen Collins1966Collins
Meghan Milson2004Milson
Cary McGrath2005McGrath
Melissa Deal2008Deal
Vidal Guerreiro2001Guerreiro
Gary Wolff1967Wolff
Peter Walling1984Walling
Derek Parks1997Parks
Randy Jackson1982Jackson
Jaclyn Schmidt1999Schmidt
Mark Weir1988Weir
Fallon Butler2000Butler
Margaret Anttila1967Anttila
Lari Langford1970Langford
Don Tapscott1966Tapscott
Richard Greene1971Greene
Marion Dove1979Dove
Chuck McIntyre1973McIntyre
M. Frances MacMullin2007MacMullin
Ernie MacMillan1971MacMillan
Karen Mulvihill1989Mulvihill
Cal Morgan1972Morgan
Sarah Gallen2009Gallen
Peter Albert2008Albert
Douglas Cole1967Cole
John Collinson1990Collinson
Kate Gillespie Ahrens2002Ahrens
Catherine Salomone2007Salomone
Derrick Farnham1983Farnham
Bob & Maggie Glossop1967Glossop
John Ison1964Ison
Bryan Rourke2005Rourke
Lillian Stewart1975Stewart
Shelagh Grant1976Grant
Lorna Tener1968Tener
Joanne Boonstra1990Boonstra
Michael Michell2010Michell
Mary Jane Dundas1973Dundas
Robert Cavanagh2006Cavanagh
James J. Redditt1967Redditt
Allen G. Good1974Good
Kathleen Kidd1971Kidd
Lorelei Wilkinson1984Wilkinson
Janice Nyarko-Mensah2002Nyarko
Spencer Pray2005Pray
Amanda Novosedlik2007Novosedlik
Ausma Rowberry1974Rowberry
Linda Richardson1972Richardson/td>
Sharon Stover1964Stover
Yuwa Hedrick-Wong1971Hedrick
William Rupert1971Rupert
Tim Owen1971Owen
Theresa Bickle1993Bickle
Ann Waddell Dunlop1966Dunlop
Emzhei Chen2008Chen
Marian Filo-Carroll1982Filo
Eric Lugtigheid1966Lugtigheid
Brian Toller1971Toller
Justin Belanger2009Belanger
David Smyth1968Smyth
Robert Mairs1970Mairs
Joan Bale1970Bale
Georgina Galloway1991Galloway
Heather Anderson1972Anderson
Joanne Hambly1973Hambly
Lorraine Durham Greey1973Greey
Roy Wilton1973Wilton
Leigh Currier1973Currier
James Hamilton1976Hamilton
Robert Alvo1982Alvo
Barbara Binczyk1975Binczyk
Wei Lynn Eng1999Lynn
Zhihong Cui2000Cui
Burton Muhia2001Muhia
Avril Maina2003Maina
Karen Sisson1978Sisson
Hillary Schwering2009Schwering
Bill Gudgeon1965Gudgeon
Ketul Patel2005Patel
Robb Kiley2007Kiley
Dianne Lister1971Lister
Bob Rice1968Rice
Turney Wong1984Wong
Daniel Baldock1971Baldock
John & Mary Cranston1967Cranston
Leah Eustace1986Eustace
Robin Patterson1989Patterson
Tony Storey1971Storey
Martha Wilder1974Wilder
Rod Cumming1983Cumming
James Fuester1965Fuester
Marilyne Gagnon-Doyle1974Gagnon
Marie Hughes1980Hughes
Kishanna Kates2008Kates
Margaret Kuo1990Kuo
Pete Lafleur1982Lafleur
Vernon Miller1966Miller
Danny Neville1996Neville
Brent Norrey1987Norrey
Rebecca Pryor1993Pryor
Sandi Taylor1978Taylor
Alex Bird1967BirdShantal Ingram1994Ingram
Laura Spencer1978Spencer
Paige Summers1983Summers
Donald Fraser1991Fraser
Maile Loweth Reeves1979Reeves
Philip White1971White
Sarah Gallen2009Gallen
Toby Lennox1980Lennox
Brian Purcell1987Purcell
Ann Farquharson1976Farquharson
Dave Black1979Black
Geoff O'Brian1966O'Brian
Scott Sinclair1980Sinclair
Tom Sime1965Sime
Anne Brunner1971Brunner
Maureen McKeown1966McKeown
Edward Sawdon1982Sawdon
Elaine Boothman1983Boothman
Robert Capstick1964Capstick
Gervase Mackay1965Mackay
Barbara Isaac1970Isaac
Joseph Last1969Last
Katie Van Alphen1977Van
John Belcher1968Belcher
John Hill1974Hill
Lorraine Bennett1972Bennett
Elgin Cosby2007Cosby
Victoria Ross1981Ross
Devon Leckie1985Leckie
Kim Fleming1986Fleming
John Belcher1968Belcher
John Belcher1968Belcher
Herman Jilesen1964Jilesen
Carol MacKinnon1969MacKinnon

Student Centre Design 2


 44518 - Annual Fund

 Fund Description


 44518 - Annual Fund

 Fund Description