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Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is responsible for the affairs of the Trent University Alumni Association. The Council is a group of volunteers - most of whom are elected.  It is comprised of:

  • President or Co-Presidents

  • Past-President

  • Four Vice Presidents

  • Ten Councillors

  • One Council-Colleges Liaison

  • One Senate Alumni Representative

  • One Association representative on the University's Senate

  • Three representatives from university student groups

  • And ex-officio members including the Director of Alumni Affairs

The Council meets at least 5 times a year, usually in Peterborough or Toronto, and hosts an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association. All meetings are open to everyone in the Trent University Community and may be accessed via teleconference. The council has a number of committees.

The Goals of the Association are to initiate and support activities which will further the interests of Trent University, its students, and its alumni; and to foster a spirit of fellowship among alumni. 

We need your help - Committees are seeking more members Committees are seeking more members with skills in: project management, event planning, communications, finance, and stewardship. Committee participation takes just four or five hours a month. Please contact Jess Grover, President, for more information.


2016-17 TUAA Alumni Council members


Members Email Contact


Jess Grover, President -

VP Campus Communities - vacant

Jessica Lee,  VP Council Organization-

Sebastian Cosgrove, VP Communications and Member Services -

Maile Loweth Reeves, VP Engagement and Philanthropy -

Lee Hays, Director, Alumni Affairs-

Tawny Flude, Councillor -

Wei Lynn Eng, Councillor-

Steven Robertson, Councillor -

Athena Flak, Councillor -

Karen Smith, Councillor -

Herb O'Heron, Councillor -

Karen Sisson, Councillor -

Cheryl Coss, Councillor -

Diane Therrien, Councillor -

Jessica Rogers, Councillor -

Rae Gibeault, Councillor -

Danen Oberon, Senate Alumni Representative -





Chapter Presidents

Council Meeting Minutes