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Trent University Legacy Campaign

What will your legacy be?

As human beings, we all share a similar dream: to have what we do in this life matter, to make a difference (however small), and to be remembered when we are gone – by family, friends, colleagues or perhaps even the world. We also share something else – the ability to make that dream a reality. Ask this question of anyone whose life has been transformed by their experience at Trent University and they will answer the same – to enable Trent to continue inspiring and educating students for generations to come.

Trent University’s Legacy Campaign calls upon these like-minded individuals and groups – alumni, staff, faculty, friends, and others – to step forward, share their stories, and join in creating Trent’s future, right now, through their own legacy.

The Power of Philanthropy

“The further I get in my professional life, the more I appreciate how extraordinary Trent is, not only in giving me an education but also in nurturing a lifelong passion for learning and the ability to think critically. The openness at Trent encourages innovative thinking. Trent is the key reason why I’m the person I am today.”  — Trent Alumnus

Trent is an institution profoundly anchored in philanthropy. Our university’s history of giving and volunteerism is one that stands out among Canadian postsecondary institutions. Donors are central to accomplishing Trent’s mission.

Challenge the Way You Think – Trent’s $50million Campaign

To celebrate our anniversary and to attract investments to strengthen and position the University for increasing success in the future, Trent has launched an ambitious fundraising campaign. Campaign investments will enable Trent to remain at the forefront of innovative teaching approaches that retain the student-faculty interaction that defines a Trent education whilst incorporating new tools and practices that take advantage of the digital age. The campaign will also support Trent faculty who demonstrate through their research that they are challenging the way we think about the world around us, offering world-class hands-on research experience for students and achieving breakthroughs to address local, national and global issues. Investments in the student experience will create a stimulating learning environment and programs that connect the world and workforce to the classroom.

Investments to date include:

ο Kenneth Mark Drain Chair in Ethics
ο David Schindler Professorship in Aquatic Sciences
ο Graduate Studies College: Catharine Parr Traill and Bagnani Hall redevelopment
ο Trent Community Sport and Recreation Centre
ο Trent Centre for Biomaterials Research
ο Research on water issues in Indigenous communities in the north
ο Library Acquisitions
ο Student scholarships, bursaries and awards

To learn more about our campaign vision and goals, or to discuss a gift to the campaign please contact Sherry Booth, Campaign Director at  705 748 1011 ext 7593.




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Legacy Campaign what will your legacy be?

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Dr. Deborah Berrill